We can use this period of quarantine to stay at home and study something of new.
At the 2 April there will be an online tech conference about DevOps and JS at the 11:00 AM CET on www.geekle.us.

The Conference is free and you can register on the bottom site, through eventbrite

The event is divided into 2 Track, One about DevOps and One about JS

11:00 AMSenior DevOps Section React.js Section
Azure DevOps and GitHub ActionsMaintainable React
Infrastructure as Code on AWS: Deep DiveHow to build your reusable UI
component library like a pro
Build and deploy a serverless
web app on GCP
End to end testing a world of web,
mobile & desktop apps
13:40 AMJunior DevOps Section Node.js Section
(Coming soon)
Callbacks to Async/Await in Node.js
+ Build you own promise
Automating your first infrastructure with Terraform on AWS Finding memory leaks and CPU bottlenecks
with Node.js debug tools
Observability in DevOps Malicious Modules on npm – a series of unfortunate events
16:10 AMSoft Skills Section
Working from home –
how to not kill relationships
Modern Stoicism: How practice discipline
and stay calm during the crisis.

I think that will be interesting the final section about the Soft Skill and how to not kill relationships while we stay at home.

And so.. let’s go to subscribe on geekle.us event!