Ebay OAuth 2 Generate Token and Refresh – PHP

Today i will show to you how to use a OAuth 2 on Ebay, so how you can take your token, and then use it.

At first you must to register on https://developer.ebay.com

Then you must to set your Application on (Sandbox/Test or Production, in this guide i show to you Production procedure) https://developer.ebay.com/my/keys

After you must to have a situation like this:

Now we have:
– Client ID
– Dev ID
– Client Secret

We need:
– Authorization Code
– Access Token
– Refresh Token

Authorization Code

At first we must to generate the Authorization Code, and for this procedure we must to paste an url on the browser and copy the query string “code”.
So click on the “User token link”

Click on “Get a Token from eBay via Your Application”

Then you must to “Add eBay Redirect URL”
So you generate your app details, you can see the
“Your branded eBay Production Sign In (OAuth)” or if sandbox (test)
“Your branded eBay SandboxSign In (OAuth)”

Copy the link, that is like:

https://auth.ebay.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=App-PRD-hhhhhf72-3hhb&response_type=code&redirect_uri=YourName-App–okllp&scope=https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.marketing.readonly https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.marketing https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.inventory.readonly https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.inventory https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.account.readonly https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.account https://api.ebay.com/oauth/api_scope/sell.fulfillment.readonly

Put this link on your browser, and login with your ebay account, so then you must to redirect on another page that sayd to you that the application has grant, and in the url bar you find your authorization code.


Access Token and Refresh Token

Now with our authorization code, we call this url to take our access and refresh token.
For this call we need the authorization header, and create a base64 encode with clientID and certID.
And then in the parameter set Authorization code and RuName

Why we have access token and refresh token?

We use Access Token for all the api request on eBay service.
We use Refresh Token to regenerate a Access Token.

Access token is valid 2 hour, but Refresh Token is valid 18 months.

How can i refresh my access token?

You must to take a call to this service, passing your refresh code, and the service return to you your new access token

I suggest to save your Access Token and Refresh Token on Database.

At the end my eBay API Simple Class

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I have changed “&amp” to “&” in CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, add PHP function “urlencode” before all POST data (for example:
and now works perfect.

Twin Cities Web Design

Wow this is very useful article keep it up thanks..