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“Javascript is to Java as hamburger is to ham; both are delicious, but they don’t have much in common except a name”
I’m javascript lovers and this is my site on witch sometimes wirte what i think, when i have some free time, and remember:
“Homo faber fortunae suae”

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[CVE-2017-1000253] Linux kernel security bug fixed

How to report on zdnet on their article there is a serious bug with linux kernel identified as CVE-2017-1000253: § Centos6 con Kernel < 2.6.32-696.10.3 § Centos7 con Kernel 7.4 kernels < 3.10.0-693 The bug how report zdnet: This is a

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Aruba VPS Centos VMware – Come aumentare lo spazio hdd

Oggi vedremo come aumentare lo spazio (ripartizionare) dell’hard disk, una volta eseguito l’upgrade sul vostro vps aruba. fdisk -l parted /dev/sda/ Per creare una nuova partizione per lo spazio aggiunto, lanciare mkpart e rispondere alle varie richieste. Dapprima vi viene

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How to reset mysql root password

Pratical and best guide that i have tried from many that i have found on web about to reset mysql root password on linux server. When you have this error, on you Ubuntu or Centos server (I have tried on

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