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“Javascript is to Java as hamburger is to ham; both are delicious, but they don’t have much in common except a name”
I’m javascript lovers and this is my site on witch sometimes wirte what i think, when i have some free time, and remember:
“Homo faber fortunae suae”

Recent pills

How to reset mysql root password

Pratical and best guide that i have tried from many that i have found on web about to reset mysql root password on linux server. When you have this error, on you Ubuntu or Centos server (I have tried on

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VestaCP upgrade PHP 5 to PHP 7 on CentOS 6

Hi guys, today i will show to you how to upgrade on VestaCP PHP 5.x to a 2x faster PHP 7! At start will upgrade EPEL, remember that we use the Centos 6, so EPEL must to be the 6

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Day pill – c# divide list into sized group

Hi, Today i have read on stackoverflow some user that ask how to divide a list into equal part. So i have decided to write on my blog the code that can help someone. const int maxSize = 500; for

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