VestaCP upgrade PHP 5 to PHP 7 on CentOS 6

Hi guys, today i will show to you how to upgrade on VestaCP PHP 5.x to a 2x faster PHP 7! At start will upgrade EPEL, remember that we use the Centos 6, so EPEL must to be the 6 version. # wget # wget #…

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Day pill – c# divide list into sized group

Hi, Today i have read on stackoverflow some user that ask how to divide a list into equal part. So i have decided to write on my blog the code that can help someone. const int maxSize = 500; for (int i = 0; i < theList.Count(); i...

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How to import big sql on Plesk 11 / 12

Do you need to import a big sql on your plesk and don’t know how to do? It’s simple and very fast. Connect throw ssh on your server and access to mysql console: mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` Then is simple, just select the database and execute our sql…

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Plesk opendkim

Plesk 12 Centos 6 install OpenDKIM

Today i fought with Plesk 12 and Centos 6 to install OpenDKIM with DOMAIN KEY and SPF. For domain key and spf is simple, just for each domain on plesk directly active it in the setting mail. OpenDKIM is a service that must be installed on centos directly….

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Nodejs 5.5 installed on Plesk 12 with Centos 6

This morning i change my vps on OVH taken other of series VPS Cloud 2016. I’have installed plesk 12.5 the latest version, but when i try to install nodejs 5.5 on centos it say: WARNING: C++ compiler too old, need g++ 4.8 or clang++ 3.4 (CXX=g++) when i…

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LINQ on Nodejs With node-linq

In this days that i have some free time on my “drawing realtime app” project, i have added a managment of the object with the linq. In c# i use even the linq, but in javascript this is the first time that i use it with success. Because…

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